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City of Books

Apr 15, 2021

“One of the brilliant things about books is that you can buy a book by the very best writers and if it still costs a tenner – it doesn’t cost any more than bad writing,” says Rónán Hession.

He's author of the 2021 One Dublin One Book choice Leonard and Hungry Paul. It's a quirky, thoughtful novel which makes the case for kindness - and he says he's been on the receiving end of this quality throughout his life.

Rónán notes: “If you want to buy very good quality clothes they cost more, or live in a very well designed house, or go to a very fancy restaurant, there’s a price difference.

“But in books you can buy the greatest literature in the world for the same cost as a more commercial or more disposable product. So there’s no price difference, there’s no barrier.”

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