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City of Books

Apr 13, 2022

If you think you’re obsessed with being online, you should meet the characters in début author Catherine Prasifka’s novel None of This Is Serious.

Her book deals with the preoccupations of Gen Z, coming of age right now. Despite their shiny new lives, they fear a lifetime of being locked out of home ownership, and worry about whether the planet can survive. Above all, they think long periods interacting with social media platforms is time well-spent.

“We’ve only had the internet for thirty years and we’ve only had the social internet for half of that time," says Catherine. "And we’re not good at using it, and we don’t know how it works, and there’s no possible way to predict how it’s affecting people who’ve grown up with it – this idea that you can be contactable at any time, and you can get insights into your friends’ lives that they’re not directly telling you.”

None of This Is Serious by Catherine Prasifka is published by Canongate

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